Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take Me In

There are train tickets and a hotel confirmation on my kitchen counter. Date: early March. Destination: Brooklyn.

Last year, right around this time we travelled to New York with friends for a birthday celebration. It was an amazing experience. The “main” birthday event was a trip to Brooklyn Brewery, but we stayed in Manhattan and caught the train over for the day. This time we’ll reverse that pattern. Spending the majority of our trip diving deeper into the borough that peaked our curiosity in a matter of hours. The one that whet our (figurative and literal) appetite for more. The one that felt a bit like home, away.

Here’s what I’m already excited about:

  • a return visit to Brooklyn Bowl (which I think I have now shamelessly linked to about 5,000 times on this blog . . .)
  • visiting Brooklyn Brew Shop and finding someone to personally thank for the amazing spent grain recipes on The Mash (holy Barley & Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars, Batman)
  • Checking out some of the coffee shops and restaurants documented here
  • Checking out more of the amazing-ness in Trust Neely’s Guide (which served us so well the first time)

Also, I can’t stop singing this in my head.

And it’s just the beginning – I have a whole month to plan. If you’re from Brooklyn or have spent more time there than me (*easy, since I was there less than 8 hours) leave me a comment and let me know what it is essential that I add to my list!

A Little Bit of Crazy

The conversation goes like this:

Me: You know I haven’t heard about whatever.  I would have thought I would have by now.

Husband: Don’t get all crazy.

Me: I’m not!

Husband: I don’t know, I definitely detected a little bit of crazy in your voice  . . .

And that folks, is what nearly nine years of marriage is about.  Hearing the crazy in someone’s voice and not being afraid to call them on it.  What it’s also about, is being called out on your crazy and being okay with it. Knowing that the other person loves you so much and knows you so well, that they are refusing to  let you slip into an icky patch of self-doubt over whatever.

When you find this sort of love, I recommend you hang on to it.