Accomplishments, In No Particular Order

Doing a little spring cleaning of the home office I decided to take a picture of the stack of papers above, before I shredded them.  Said stack of papers is a draft of a novel I wrote  and I’m not shredding them for any angst-y dramatic book will never be published reason (in fact I rather hope it will), I am simply not a clutter-y person and it’s been there long enough.  But I took a picture, because it is impressive.  It is 350+ pages of my words, my thoughts and my creations.  I look at it and I feel really great about what I accomplished.

This made me think about other things that make me feel good about myself.  Big, small, in-between, and pictured above from left to right:

1.  Planning a fun trip to New York with friends to celebrate my husband’s birthday

2.  The above mentioned novel

3.  Keeping the plants on my patio alive

4.  A happy marriage

5.  Finishing my Master’s Degree (finally)

These are the things that make me sit up a little taller and smile a little wider today.  So what are your things?  Seriously, what are you particularly proud of these days?  Share your success in the comments below:


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