Little Sumpin’ on a Tuesday Night

Way back in May 2010 I came across She Brews Good Ale.  The first post I ever read was one on making Sima and I excitedly sent it to my husband, who was in the beginning stages of his interest in brewing beer.  It was the first thing he ever brewed.  In fact, it could be credited as the beginning of what is now two large fermenters of beer hanging around my living room. 

Last time I visited I came across this post, pairing Lagunitas Little’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’ with a Bulgar, Kale and Parsley salad.  I remembered it when I found the aforementioned beer on sale during a rare trip to Whole Foods (dear Whole Foods,  if you’re reading this – and I’m sure you are- how about a store in downtown Richmond!  Thanks!).

We made the recipe last night.  I skipped the tomatoes, because I didn’t really think that the tasteless winter ones would add much (now in the summer, that’s another story . . .) and used some lovely kale from Tricycle Gardens.  So. Delicious.  And the pairing was spot on, with the effervescence of the beer cutting the sharp bitterness of the kale.*  Quite a nice way to spend a Tuesday night, if you ask me!

*I must give credit to the brewer in my house for this statement.  While I immediately recognized it’s truth, my thoughts were more along the lines of “yep, this does all taste good together.”


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  1. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m so glad to hear it’s inspired another home brewer! Let me know if said home brewer wants to make the professional leap. I’m happy to lend advice. Glad you liked the recipe, too, I highly recommend the book it was adapted from.

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