Out with the Flowers

I had been meaning to update the picture on the header of my blog for a while and finally got around it this past weekend.  The flower/bee seemed to indicate I might be talking about nature or gardening or honey production.  Since I’m much more likely to talk about city living or music listening or beer drinking it seemed more appropriate to include a picture from my neighborhood (I actually lived in the building on the corner with the big arched windows – the Renaissance –  when I first moved here 10 years ago).

In a final homage to the flowers and the bee I’ve included the full picture at the top of this post, along with the amazing coconut lime cake I ate in the garden where it bloomed, and my amazing friend who baked the cake and lives near the garden.  The pictures were taken on a trip to Birmingham, England this past summer.  I can still feel the sun on my shoulders, taste the perfect tangy sweetness of the cake, and hear the laughter between life-long friends from that day.

So now that I think about it,  maybe the picture was actually an accurate representation after all: good travels, good food, good friends and savoring every bite.


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